Experiences Standards and Requirements

1. Introduction

These standards and requirements are established to ensure that all experiences offered on Surfara are safe, accessible, and of high quality. Hosts must comply with these guidelines to maintain their eligibility to offer experiences on Surfara.

2. Quality Standards

Expertise: Hosts must demonstrate expertise in their field, whether it’s surfing, coaching, or local knowledge, ensuring that they are well-qualified to provide the experience.

Preparation and Conduct: Experiences must be well-prepared and conducted professionally. Hosts should provide clear itineraries, and they must adhere to the schedules and content described in their listings.

3. Safety Requirements

General Safety: All experiences must comply with local safety regulations and laws. Hosts must conduct all activities in a manner that prioritizes the safety of all participants.

Equipment and Gear: Any equipment provided must meet safety standards and be maintained properly. Hosts must provide safety gear where necessary, such as helmets for biking tours or life jackets for water activities.

Emergency Preparedness: Hosts must have a clear, executable emergency plan, which includes first aid provisions and emergency contact information.

4. Guest Interaction and Accessibility

Communication: Hosts must provide clear and effective communication before, during, and after the experience. This includes responding promptly to bookings and inquiries.

Inclusivity and Accessibility: Experiences should be designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, accommodating guests with disabilities and ensuring a welcoming environment for all.

5. Environmental Considerations

Sustainability Practices: Hosts are encouraged to adopt practices that minimize environmental impact, such as waste reduction, wildlife protection, and respect for natural habitats.

Local and Cultural Sensitivity: Experiences should respect local cultures and traditions. Hosts should provide guests with guidance on local customs and expected behaviors.

6. Review and Feedback

Guest Reviews: Following each experience, guests will be invited to review their experience. Hosts must maintain a minimum rating as specified by Surfara to continue offering experiences.

Continuous Improvement: Hosts are expected to use feedback for continuous improvement and to address any recurring issues promptly.

7. Compliance and Legal Obligations

Licensing and Permits: Hosts must have all necessary business licenses and permits to operate legally in their location.

Insurance: Hosts must carry liability insurance that covers all aspects of their activities and adequately protects against potential claims.

8. Monitoring and Enforcement

Surfara Audits: Surfara reserves the right to carry out audits and checks on experiences to ensure compliance with these standards.

Non-compliance: Failure to meet these standards may result in suspension or removal from the Surfara platform.

9. Updates and Amendments

Policy Updates: These standards and requirements may be updated periodically to reflect new legal requirements, market conditions, or feedback from users. Hosts will be notified of any significant changes.

10. Contact and Support

Queries and Support: Hosts or guests seeking clarification on these standards or needing support can contact Surfara’s customer service at experiences@surfara.com.

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