Everything you need to know about surfing at Australia

Australia is a paradise for surfers, with thousands of beaches offering a variety of wave types. From the iconic Bells Beach to the beginners-friendly Byron Bay, there's something for every surfer. Australia's surf culture is deeply ingrained in its society, with many surfing competitions and events happening year-round. The country also offers beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Beginners can start at Byron Bay, while experienced surfers may prefer Bells Beach or Margaret River.

Bells Beach and Margaret River are known for their world-class waves.

Yes, it's generally safe to surf in Australia. While shark encounters do occur, they are extremely rare and measures are in place to reduce risks.

The best time for beginners is from November to May, while experienced surfers will find the best conditions from February to September.

Costs can vary, but expect to budget around $1000-$2000 AUD (€640-€1280 EUR, $750-$1500 USD) for a week including accommodation, lessons, and meals.

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