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Everything you need to know about surfing at Superbank, Coolangatta, Gold Coast

This spot is ideal for both intermediate and advanced surfers, with no fear of shallow reefs, except for behind the rocks.

The swell at Snapper Rocks comes from various directions, with south to southeast swells being strongest from April to September. Winter frontal lows track eastward from under Australia and interact with trailing high pressure, producing a fetch of south-southeast wind over the Tasman Sea that usually creates mid- to long-period energy. Easterly swells are most prominent from December through June and are created by winds between strong high pressure over New Zealand and adjacent low pressure or cyclone over New Caledonia or Fiji.

Calm winds or offshore flow from the south to southwest is ideal for Snapper Rocks, and the best tide is mid to low. The best swell direction is east-northeast to southeast, with mid- to long-period swell providing the best waves. The best size of waves is chest-high to double overhead, and the best season to visit is from February to April for the best swell, and April and May for the best sand.

Best time of the year:
February to May

Surf level required:
Intermediate to advanced

Best tide:
Mid to Low tide

Best swell direction:

Sand, reef, rocks

Frequently asked questions

The best conditions for surfing at Snapper Rocks are calm wind or offshore flow from the S to SW, mid to low tide, mid- to long period swell direction from east-northeast to southeast, and chest-high to double overhead wave size.

The best season to surf at Snapper Rocks is from February through April for the best swell and April and May for the best sand.

Snapper Rocks is a prototypical, rippable righthand pointbreak, offering no fear of death by shallow reef (unless you’re welcomed behind the rocks), and no empty, lonely sessions.

Mid to low tide is the best tide for surfing at Snapper Rocks.

Calm or south to southwest wind is ideal for surfing at Snapper Rocks.

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Snapper Rocks is a world-renowned surf spot located on Australia's Gold Coast. It boasts consistently perfect warm water waves and is a rippable right-hand point break. The warm water waves are consistently perfect and attract many surfers to Australia's urbanized surf-center on the southern border of Queensland. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Superbank, Coolangatta, Gold Coast.