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Everything you need to know about surfing at Tamarindo Beach, Tamarindo, Caribbean

Tamarindo is a renowned surf town located in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Known for its consistent surf and vibrant nightlife, Tamarindo attracts surfers of all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers. The bay of Tamarindo boasts at least four distinct surf breaks, each offering unique surf experiences. Playa Grande is the most consistent of the spots, offering high-quality beach breaks, while El Estero provides split rights and lefts. Tamarindo Beachbreak is average but located in town and Pico Pequeno is a right lava reefbreak. Surfers will find waves for all levels at Playa Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Playa Langosta, Avellanas, and Playa Negra. Playa Grande is a popular option for advanced surfers and Playa Negra is a well-known right-hand point break. The local vibe is generally mellow in Tamarindo and more intense at Grande, but all spots can be crowded.

Best time of the year:
April to September

Surf level required:
Beginner to advanced

Best tide:

Wave height:
1.5m-2.5m / ...

Best swell direction:
S, SW, W

Sand, rock

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica is an excellent spot for surfing, particularly for beginners and intermediate surfers.

The best time to surf at Tamarindo Beach is during the dry season, between December and April.

Tamarindo Beach itself and nearby Playa Grande are popular surf spots.

Due to warm sea temperatures, a wetsuit is typically not required at Tamarindo Beach.

Both Tamarindo Beach and Playa Grande offer excellent surf conditions.

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"Escape to Tamarindo, the vibrant surf town in Costa Rica known for its beautiful nature, consistent surf, and endless adventures. With options for all levels, from beginner to advanced, you'll find the perfect wave and enjoy breathtaking sunsets. Explore top-class surf spots, stunning beaches, and lively nightlife. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Tamarindo Beach, Tamarindo, Caribbean.