Everything you need to know about surfing at France

France offers a fantastic surf scene, especially along the Atlantic coastline. Beginners and pros alike can find spots that suit their skill level. The most famous surf spot is Hossegor, known for its powerful, hollow waves. The culture is vibrant, with annual surf competitions and festivals. Besides surfing, you can enjoy French cuisine and wine, making it a complete surf-trip experience.

Frequently asked questions

Beginners can start at Biarritz, while experienced surfers may prefer Hossegor.

Hossegor is known for its powerful, hollow waves.

Surfing in the Mediterranean is possible but less consistent than the Atlantic coast.

The best time for beginners is from June to September, while experienced surfers will find the best conditions from September to November.

Costs can vary, but expect to budget around €500-€1000 EUR ($600-$1200 USD) for a week including accommodation, lessons, and meals.

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France's Atlantic coastline is a dream for surfers, boasting consistent waves and diverse surf spots. Choose your preferred location, select your activity, and book now! Or click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at France.