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Everything you need to know about surfing at Hossegor, France

Hossegor is a world-renowned surfing destination located in South West France. The beach spans three kilometers with four unique surf spots: Les Culs Nus, La Nord, La Sud, and La Gravière. La Gravière is known for its heavy barrels and attracts expert surfers and hosts international competitions. Hossegor is a consistent surf spot, but the best time to visit is from September to October when the water is warm, the waves are picking up in size, and the tourists have gone home. In contrast, the winter months offer big heavy barrels and ideal conditions for big wave surfing. Hossegor is an idyllic surfing destination that offers a mix of beautiful beaches, warm water, consistent swell, and a taste of French culture with coffee and croissants, two hour lunches, and après-surf.

Best time of the year:
October to February

Surf level required:

Best tide:
All tides

Wave height:

Best swell direction:


Frequently asked questions

Hossegor is known for its challenging surfing conditions and its reputation as one of the best surfing destinations in the world. The town offers a 225 km stretch of golden sand from the mouth of the Gironde in the north to Anglet in the south.

Hossegor offers challenging surfing conditions due to shifting sandbanks, huge tides, varying swell direction, and changing winds, making it ideal for paddle-fit surfers seeking out position.

La Sud is Hossegor's most sheltered spot, making it beginner-friendly. It is popular with surf schools and first-timers, with a shallower take-off that appeals to longboarders.

Les Culs Nus is Hossegor's most consistent spot, with fast, punchy waves, a steep drop, and distracting scenery.

La Gravière is a world-renowned beach break, known for fast, heavy-lipped, hollow waves that are challenging and exciting for experienced surfers.

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Discover Hossegor - the ultimate surf destination offering fast, hollow waves, warm water & turquoise barrels. With four surf spots, beginner-friendly options & world-class competitions, it combines the best of surfing & French culture. Experience the thrill & indulge in local lifestyle. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Hossegor, France.