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Everything you need to know about surfing at Mimizan, France

There are multiple safe swimming zones with lifeguard surveillance, but all other areas are only allowed by surfboard or bodyboard because of the strong currents. These currents will make surfers of all levels find a wave here. There are many surf schools where you can take lessons, or rent a surf board. This makes Mimizan the perfect place for your first surf experience, but the experienced surfer will also find great waves in other seasons. Have a walk down the city centre to experience the ultimate french beach holiday, and have a look at the surf shops if you are looking for some new surf gear.

Best time of the year:
all year round

Surf level required:
beginner, intermediate, advanced

Best tide:
Mid tide

Wave height:
1-2.5m / 3-8ft

Best swell direction:
West, North/ West

Sandy bottom

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Mimizan is known for its beach breaks and is great for surfers of all levels.

The best time to surf in Mimizan is during the summer months, especially August.

You can surf at the main beach in Mimizan, known as Mimizan Plage.

A wetsuit is recommended in the cooler months, especially outside of the summer season.

The best surf spot is Mimizan Plage.

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Mimizan Plage has 10km of sandy beaches with multiple surf spots: La Garluche, Mouettes, Plage Sud, and Goëlands. A popular place for surfers, there are plenty surf schools and surf shops all around town. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Mimizan, France.