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Everything you need to know about surfing at Kuta, Indonesia, Lombok

The great thing about Lombok surf is that you can surf all year round with a consistent swell and many different breaks to choose from. Rain season, which runs from October to April, is a favorite season to surf. Most of the surf spots are working during this time, and you can find perfect glassy waves in surf spots like Seger and Are Guling. What's also good about the rain season is that it's less crowded, meaning more waves for surfers to enjoy.

Are Guling is a large bay with both a right and a left hand wave and works best in the rain season. Both are reef breaks, with the left tending to be a bit more shallow and sharp. The waves are breaking in the middle of the bay, and you can get a boat to drop you off or paddle out. Before you paddle out, make sure you understand the currents.

Seger beach is a must-visit; not only does it deliver some fun and snappy waves, but it also offers one of the best sunset spots close to Kuta. It's close to Kuta with a short paddle out. At Seger, you will find both a left and a right-hand wave with the right one being more famous and consistent. This break works best in the rain season and on mid to high tide as it sits on a shallow sharp reef with plenty of sea urchins. Seger works best on small to mid-size days as it can’t hold a big swell.

Mawi is one of the most famous waves in south Lombok and is the best and most consistent surf break in the dry season. Mawi is an A-frame reef break that will give you a fun right-hander on a small to midsize swell with faster barreling sections on a lower tide. The left-hander can hold all swells but works best on a 6-8 ft swell and offshore winds, delivering some clean open barrels.

Best time of the year:
April to October

Surf level required:
Beginner to advanced

Best tide:
Mid to high tide

Best swell direction:

Frequently asked questions

Lombok is an island in Indonesia that is similar in size to Bali but has a different shape and a long south-facing coastline exposed to the Indian Ocean. Lombok has many unspoiled beaches and less commercialization compared to Bali.

You can surf in Lombok all year round, but the best season for surfing is during the rainy season between October and April. During this time, most surf spots are working, and you can find perfect glassy waves in surf spots like Seger and Are Guling.

The water temperature in Lombok ranges from 26 to 30°C.

The vast majority of the prime Lombok surf territory is on the south coast of the island, and some of the best surf spots include Desert Point, Mawi, Ekas, Gerupuk, and Tanjung Aan.

Lombok caters to a whole range of surf levels, from bone-crunching reef breaks for the proper pros to cruisy beach breaks for beginners. There are also many great intermediate-level waves, especially at Gerupuk. The dry season, from May to August, is generally better for more advanced surfers, while the wet season, from November to March, is better for improving intermediates and beginners.

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Lombok is a surfer’s paradise with a wide variety of surf breaks catering to surfers of all levels, from beginners to experts. Kuta Lombok, a growing surf town, is the main hub of the Lombok surf scene and provides access to all of the surf breaks on the south coast. With consistent swells year-round and different surf spots working best in different seasons, there’s always a wave to catch. Rainy season offers less-crowded waves and perfect glassy conditions in spots like Seger and Are Guling, while dry season brings offshore winds and bigger swells, ideal for hitting spots like Mawi and Desert Point. Seger beach is a must-visit, delivering fun waves and breathtaking sunsets. Mawi, an A-frame reef break, is one of the most famous waves in south Lombok, offering a fun right-hander on a small to midsize swell and clean open barrels on the left-hander. Lombok surf is just as consistent as Bali but with fewer crowds, making it more accessible for intermediate surfers seeking to catch some waves. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Kuta, Indonesia, Lombok.