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Bundoran's The Peak is a world-famous surf spot located in the heart of the town, easily accessible from the shore or the harbor. It's a horseshoe reef peak with a long left wall and a shorter right wall, offering surfers a challenging and exciting ride. The Peak works best at low to mid tide on the push, with swell direction from SW to NW and wind from E to S and SE being ideal. Suitable for surfers of all skill levels except beginners, The Peak offers a tight takeoff zone, great for turns, progressive maneuvers, and barrels. Although the crowd can be dense, the local vibe is friendly and inviting, making it a fun and memorable experience. With the outflow upgrade completed in 2018, water quality has improved, but it's still advisable to avoid after heavy rains. Be cautious of the typical reef hazards, sharp parts, trenches, and long hold-downs. Best surfed in autumn, winter, and spring but breaks all year round, The Peak is truly one of the funkiest performance waves in the world, not to be missed!

Best time of the year:
October to May

Surf level required:
Intermediate to advanced

Best tide:

Wave height:
1.2m-4m / ...

Best swell direction:

Reef, rocks

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Bundoran Beach in Ireland is known as the surf capital of Ireland and has waves suitable for all skill levels.

The best time to surf in Bundoran Beach is autumn through spring.

Tullan Strand and The Peak are popular surf spots in Bundoran.

Yes, due to colder water temperatures, a wetsuit is necessary year-round.

The Peak is often considered one of the best surf spots in Bundoran.

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"Discover the thrill of surfing at Bundoran's famous wave, The Peak! This iconic surf spot boasts a long left wall & short, hollow right, with the best conditions at low to mid tide. Perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers seeking world-class waves & the chance to ride in the same waves as Kelly Slater & Tom Curran. Experience the tight takeoff zone & friendly local vibe, but be prepared for a busy crowd & some paddling effort when it gets big. Don't miss out on the surf adventure of a lifetime in Bundoran!" Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Bundoran Beach, Donegal.