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Everything you need to know about surfing at Agadir, Morocco

With its year-round temperate climate and consistent swells, Agadir boasts ideal conditions for surfing. Whether you're a novice looking to catch your first wave or a seasoned pro seeking an adrenaline rush, the beaches of Agadir offer a diverse range of surf breaks catering to all skill levels. From gentle, rolling waves that beckon beginners to challenging reef breaks that test the mettle of experienced riders, there's a wave to suit every surfer's taste and ability.

Agadir's vibrant surf culture is infectious, with friendly locals and a welcoming atmosphere permeating the entire coastline. Surf schools and experienced instructors dot the beaches, providing lessons and guidance to those eager to learn or improve their skills. Soak up the knowledge, paddle out, and feel the rush of catching that perfect wave while basking in the beauty of Agadir's breathtaking surroundings.

Best time of the year:
all year round

Surf level required:
beginner, intermediate, advanced

Best tide:
Mid tide

Wave height:
0.5-2.5m / 1.5-8ft

Best swell direction:

Sandy bottom

Frequently asked questions

Agadir enjoys consistent surf conditions throughout the year. However, the best time for surfing is generally during the fall and winter months (October to February). During this period, the Atlantic swells are more powerful, creating ideal waves for experienced surfers.

You have the option to either bring your own surfboard and equipment or rent them locally in Agadir. There are surf shops and rental facilities along the beaches that offer a wide range of surfboards, wetsuits, and other equipment for all skill levels. Because Agadir is a popular surf destination, make sure you book your surfboard and lesson in advance through one of the surf schools listed here on

Absolutely! Agadir is an excellent destination for beginners to learn how to surf. There are several surf schools and experienced instructors available who specialize in teaching beginners. They provide comprehensive lessons, safety guidance, and equipment, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

Yes, Agadir has a variety of surf breaks that cater to advanced surfers. Anchor Point, located just north of Agadir, is one of the most renowned surf spots in the area, offering powerful and fast waves that are perfect for experienced riders. Other notable breaks like Killer Point and Dracula provide challenging conditions for those seeking an adrenaline-pumping surf session.

Agadir offers a plethora of activities for travelers beyond surfing. You can explore the vibrant local markets, take a relaxing stroll along the scenic promenade, indulge in delicious Moroccan cuisine, or even go horseback riding or camel trekking along the beach. Additionally, the nearby Atlas Mountains provide opportunities for hiking and exploring the picturesque landscapes of the region.

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Welcome to the coastal paradise of Agadir, where azure waters meet pristine sandy beaches and surfing becomes an exhilarating art form. Nestled on the southwestern coast of Morocco, Agadir has emerged as a top-notch destination for wave enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts alike. Its stunning coastline stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, creating the perfect playground for both beginners and seasoned surfers seeking thrilling adventures on the waves. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Agadir, Morocco.