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Everything you need to know about surfing at Carrapateira, Portugal

Carrapateira is a charming, whitewashed Algarvian village located just 20 minutes north of Sagres, the region’s surf capital. Surrounded by the stunning Costa Vicentina natural park, Carrapateira is an ideal destination for surfers looking to ride the beefy Atlantic walls. The town is home to two main surf beaches - Praia do Amado to the south and Bordeira to the north, both of which offer fantastic surf opportunities. The waves here are heavy and fun, and are best surfed during the peak season from December to February, when the waves are waist high to overhead. However, the conditions here can be challenging in winter. Despite the heavy waves, the beachbreak is more sheltered than the beaches to the north, making it a popular choice for traveling surfers. The large car park at the northern end of the bay makes access easy. With its stunning beaches, energetic vibe, and fantastic surf opportunities, Carrapateira is a must-visit destination for surfers of all abilities.

Best time of the year:
December to January

Surf level required:
All levels

Best tide:
Low to mid high tide

Wave height:
1-2m / ..

Best swell direction:


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Carrapateira in Portugal is great for surfing with two main beaches, Amado and Bordeira.

The best time to surf in Carrapateira is between September and April.

You can surf at Amado and Bordeira beaches, both popular spots.

Yes, a wetsuit is usually necessary due to the Atlantic Ocean's cooler temperatures.

Amado beach is often considered one of the best surf spots in Carrapateira.

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Discover the hidden gem of Carrapateira, a bustling surf spot in the heart of the Algarve's top surf territory. Enjoy fun, peaky waves with heavy beach breaks & stunning beaches. Suitable for all surf levels, this popular beachbreak is more sheltered & cleaner than others in the area. Experience energetic & OK vibes, but beware of busy crowds & rips in bigger conditions. Best surfed Dec-Feb, with low to mid tide & waist-high to overhead waves. Park at the northern end of the bay for easy access. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Carrapateira, Portugal.