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Everything you need to know about surfing at Rincon, Rincón, Caribbean

During the peak winter season, from November to February, the north Atlantic swells hit Rincón with great power, making it an ideal time for experienced surfers. The town's geography allows it to pick up waves coming from just about any direction, which means any time you choose to visit, you're likely to catch some decent waves. The spring and fall months, from March to April and September to October, are perfect for beginners and intermediates, with waves averaging 2-4 feet and smaller crowds. And while the summer months, from May to August, are smaller and inconsistent, occasional hurricanes can bring some good swells for an unexpected and thrilling surf expedition.

Rincón offers a variety of breaks that accommodate different learning curves and styles, making it one of the most accessible and enjoyable surfing destinations in the Caribbean and even the world. With access to rental shops and surf instructors, surfers can choose the size and shape of board that suits them, and the waves, best. From Domes Beach to Pools, Dogman's Beach, and Tres Palmas (also known as Steps Beach), there are plenty of spots to catch some great waves. Experienced boarders can also check out Rincón Point, famed for its predictable waves all season long and distinct surfing locations (The Cove, Rivermouth, and Indicator).

Best time of the year:
November to February

Surf level required:
Intermediate to advanced

Best tide:
Any tide

Best swell direction:


Frequently asked questions

The best time to surf in Rincon is during the winter months from November to February, when the north Atlantic swells hit Rincon with great power. However, some small swells occasionally crop up in the summer or fall as well, which can bring an unexpected and thrilling influx of waves.

Kelly Slater has regularly surfed fabled spots such as Domes Beach, Pools, Dogman’s Beach, and Tres Palmas (also known as Steps beach), recommended only for advanced and expert surfers.

The “shoulder seasons” in Rincon are the spring (March & April) and the fall (September & October). During these months, the waves' height is about 2-4 feet, making it the perfect time for beginners and intermediates to surf.

The early morning is always the best time to surf in Rincon when the conditions are right.

Rincon is not great for learners due to shallow reefs, and it is better suited for intermediates and up. However, there are surf lessons available at an affordable price from a number of different surf instructors for those who are interested in learning.

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Rincón, the "Surf Capital of the Caribbean," is a small Northwest beach town in Puerto Rico that offers captivating landscapes and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With its consistent waves and epic diversity, it's a favorite among surfers of all levels, from beginners to experts. But even if you're not a surfer, there's plenty to do, including exploring wild beaches, collecting sea-glass, and whale-watching. Whether you visit during the winter months for the big waves or the shoulder seasons for smaller crowds, Rincón is a one-of-a-kind Caribbean destination that's sure to leave you wanting more. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Rincon, Rincón, Caribbean.