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Everything you need to know about surfing at Weligama, Sri Lanka

The two-kilometre stretch of shallow sandy beach offers a good place to learn, with waves that can be easily surfed when small and hold up to 5ft. The bay is protected somewhat from the wind, making it a good place to surf even when the rest of the coast is blown. More advanced surfers can find reef breaks close by in Mirissa or Gurubebila. The town and fishermen are nearby, and there are other surf spots for intermediate surfers a little further away.

There are two main seasons for surfing in Sri Lanka: the winter season from November to April, and the summer season from May to October. Both seasons offer waves for different levels of surfers, with winter being better for advanced surfers and summer being good for beginners and longboarders. The shoulder seasons in between also offer good surfing conditions. Weligama is known for its consistent surf all day long, making it a great spot for learning.

Best time of the year:

Surf level required:
All surf levels

Best tide:
All tides

Best swell direction:

Sand, reef

Frequently asked questions

Weligama has a 2-kilometer stretch of shallow sandy beach which makes it a great place to learn to surf. The waves are slow and low power, perfect for beginners. Advanced surfers can also catch waves on the outside reef or in the nearby reef breaks.

Any time of the year is good for beginner and longboard surfers as the friendlier beach breaks work year-round. For advanced surfers, the winter season (November to April) is recommended as all of the surf spots are working along the south coast providing fun surf for all levels. The shoulder seasons (April to mid-May and mid-October to mid-December) are also good for bigger waves, while the summer season (May to October) has side offshore winds, making it easy to surf anytime.

Yes, there are reef breaks in Mirissa, which is 3km south of Weligama, and Gurubebila, which is 3km north of Weligama. Kabalana, which is 30 minutes north in a tuk-tuk, is a more exposed beach break with higher power, faster waves.

The water temperature in Weligama ranges from 26-28°C (79-82°F) throughout the year.

Weligama is a charming town with a rich culture and history. You can explore the local markets, visit temples and other historical sites, go on a whale watching tour, or simply relax on the beach and enjoy the local cuisine.

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Weligama, meaning sandy village, is a top destination for learning to surf with a 2km stretch of shallow sandy beach. The bay is protected from the wind and offers many lefts and rights that appear at different tides, making it a great spot for catching your first wave. More advanced surfers can explore nearby reef breaks in Mirissa and Gurubebila. Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Weligama, Sri Lanka.