Everything you need to know about surfing at United Kingdom

The UK offers a range of surf conditions along its varied coastline. Beginners can start at Polzeath in Cornwall, while experienced surfers can challenge themselves at Bournemouth Pier. Apart from surfing, the UK offers a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and bustling cities.

Frequently asked questions

Beginners can start at Polzeath, while experienced surfers may prefer Bournemouth Pier.

Bournemouth Pier and Fistral Beach in Newquay are known for their consistent waves.

While public transportation is available, having a car provides more flexibility, especially for accessing remote surf spots.

The best time for beginners is from May to September, while experienced surfers will find the best conditions from September to April.

Costs can vary, but expect to budget around £450-£900 GBP (€530-€1060 EUR, $620-$1240 USD) for a week including accommodation, lessons, and meals.

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