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Everything you need to know about surfing at Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Watergate Bay is a consistent beachbreak located to the north of Newquay, Cornwall. It's a popular contest venue and is known for its two-mile stretch of sand that offers both lefts and rights. Although the middle of the beach can get crowded, a short walk north or south usually provides a quieter peak. The Bay works well through the tides, however, be cautious of high tide as the beach can shrink away. Both beginners and professionals can enjoy the waves as tides, swell, and wind direction come together to create optimal conditions. The Bay works on most tides and is best at mid to high tide. It faces straight into the Atlantic and is a safe bet during small waves, taking advantage of most swell directions, with a westerly swell being the best. Low tide is your best bet if there's not much swell around. The Bay is sheltered by cliffs during high tide and the best wind direction is a light south-easterly offshore. The Bay is a center stop on the UK Pro Surf Tour and plays host to the English National Surfing Championships every year. There are plenty of places to eat and drink after a surf. Ideal surf height is thigh high to overhead and the best season is September to November. Access is easy with car parks located above the beach. The seabed is sand and the water quality is clean. The local vibe is friendly and the crowd factor is busy in the summer and on weekends. The shoulder burn can be hard work in bigger swells and be aware of the tide pushing up to cliffs.

Best time of the year:
September to November

Surf level required:
All levels

Best tide:
Low to Mid-High

Wave height:
1m-2.5m / ...

Best swell direction:

Sand, rock

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Watergate Bay in the UK is great for surfing and is suitable for all skill levels.

The best time to surf at Watergate Bay is usually during the autumn and winter months.

Watergate Bay's two-mile-long beach is the primary surf spot.

Yes, due to the cooler temperatures of the UK, a wetsuit is necessary year-round.

Watergate Bay Beach itself is the best surf spot in the area.

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Discover the best of the UK surf scene at Watergate Bay! This 2-mile beachbreak is a must-visit for surfers of all levels. With a consistent swell, punchy lefts & rights, and protected conditions, it's no wonder it's a popular contest venue and home to the UK Pro Surf Tour & English National Championships. Find your rhythm on the shoreline, with ideal conditions for NW-W swell, SE-E wind, and thigh-overhead surf height. Tolerant local vibe, clean water, and easy access make Watergate Bay the ultimate surf spot! Click here or scroll down to find everything you need to know about surfing at Watergate Bay, Cornwall.